You Know You’ve Been in Denmark for a While When…

  • your outfit feels incomplete without a scarf
  • your wardrobe is slowly gaining more and more black pieces
  • you see nothing wrong with wearing all black (except for maybe that scarf)
  • you feel skeptical even when says there’s a 0% chance of rain
  • if a restaurant/cafe doesn’t have candles, it makes you uncomfortable
  • seeing blankets on the chairs outside of cafes is normal
  • nudity in advertising doesn’t phase you anymore – nor does the strip club you walk passed to get to class every day
  • you see a Tumblr blog about living in Copenhagen – and you know at least some of the places mentioned [link]
  • you can immediately tell when someone isn’t from Denmark because of the amount of eye contact they make when sitting across from you on the train – and you can tell when they know you’re a foreigner too
  • you know how much each of the coins is worth in your wallet without having to read the number on it
  • you have to actually show your DIS card to get discounts – because you don’t immediately come off as American anymore

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